Maker of Fire

My latest commission; my nephew Paolo. Like so many people in his family, he has a presence that cannot be denied. Paolo makes fire. He came to Seattle after weeks of rain, gathered wood, weeds and assorted garden debris, and in a matter of minutes he had a wonderful fire going in our fire pit. He rubs sticks together, produces heat and sparks, and before you know it, he’s got a little tiny ember in his hand that he can then coax into a raging fire. It’s amazing to watch and really hard to do. I am excited about this painting because the reference was small but it came together well.

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  1. Dear Mimi, I’ve been away from reading and commenting on blogs for nearly seven weeks. But today I finally got back to yours and I’ve been delighted to view the two cat paintings–a portrait and a “still life” as well as this one happy rendering of your nephew. You have so much talent. I hope the days are filled with some light and peace for you as you move through your grieving for your late husband. Peace.

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