Love, love, love

So what did it take? Was there a characteristic of your mate or spouse that just went DING DING DING THIS IS THE ONE?
There certainly was for me. On one of my very first dates with my future husband, I noticed how much he loved playing with little children, in fact, he ignored me for a few minutes while he played with a one year old in the booth next to us. THAT, I thought, is a rare quality in a man. And I was hooked. Little did I know. As the weeks, months, and years unfolded, I discovered that not only did he love little children, but they loved him too. He’s a man who can get down on the floor and play with a tot in a totally non-intimidating way. He raised my sons with this rare kind of love. He helped raise nieces and nephews this way too. This is one of the first things I loved about my man.


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  1. So beautiful. This post filled me with happiness. I was trying to visit bloggers from the challenge, as many as I could. But I think I’ll stop here today and take this last post to bed with me.
    This is the same thing that I love in my guy, kids take to him instantly, as do animals and birds. Little girls look at him with doll-eyes and fairy-smiles. I love men that can enchant lil’ girls like that…

  2. Mimi, your painting so beautifully shows the wonderful relationship between father and son. Not only does it have feeling, but it also is technically a great piece of art.

  3. Once again, you have brought tears to me with not just your painting, but some of the REASONS behind what your brushstrokes convey. In this painting, I really like what the truck does to the scene. What is missing are the faces of the father and son, and we are left to imagine what they may be saying or really doing. Of course, as one of the characters in this scene, I see it and can still hear my little boy giggling as I “blattered” him, one of the things I did to both of our boys when we played. Having sat this afternoon playing cards with him, laughing, teasing and joking with a young man who has become not just a son but a true friend in our adult relationship, I am reminded of just how important it was to stick to the basics as we raised our kids together, and how crucial it was that they had both parents actively involved. Hope you are enjoying your Ethiopian dinner with them (yuck!) and can’t wait for you to get back.

  4. After a few times tutoring together and talking about math (I think I was the math hotshot then), I knew we’d be friends forever. But it was when I went to a recital of his and saw him play the Czardas that I first really fell for him. Thanks, Mimi, for raising him as a musician.

  5. I didn’t realise the man I was to marry was actually interested in me – all the time he was talking to my friend I though he was interested in her. Turned out he was finding out about the things I liked to do so he could share them with me! Corny, but true. And this year we celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary – so I guess you could say he did his homework right! 😉

    Happy A-Z’ing!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  6. Hi Mimi .. just love lovely … that’s beautiful and no wonder you were hooked. Your picture too says it all – so often the little one wants to look beyond you out to the world beyond …

    Thanks for reminding us of the little ones that are there following our thoughts and ideas to the future – the more we can do with them the more wondrous they will become ..

    and love love love will play its role in their lives … cheers Hilary

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