Lilacs in Quebec

lilacThis morning, I came upon a beautiful photo, posted by a friend. It inspired me to paint. The lighting in the reference was sublime. I continue to work on one of the methods I learned in the workshop I did taught by Tom Hoffmann in Oaxaca.. Painting into wet paint, with a gradually drying brush.. I had a lot of fun painting this, it measures 8″ x 5″ and is on hand made Indian Village Paper. $125.00 buys this painting.

4 responses to “Lilacs in Quebec”

  1. Dear Mimi, there is a “looseness,” a feeling of spontaneity to this painting that really appeals to me. A present moment. Thank you for it. Peace.

  2. I love your work. I live in a place where the light is transcendent. It is an Eden of beautiful images. You could come here and paint and I would make you breakfast. And if the light didn’t work out for you, we could go to Elkton and we could kayak and say, “fogettaboutit”.

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