K is for Kodkod – the smallest cat in South America

The Kodkod, or Guigna is another tiny cute wild cat species. In Santiago, Chile, where they can be found there is a conservation effort using injured and orphaned Kodkods to start a captive breeding program. These cats will eventually be re-released into the wild as they are strong and sound enough.
There aren’t many left!

This 7″ x 11″ hand painted watercolor is for sale $150. It is on one of my last pieces of Handmade Indian Village paper.
to buy it send an email

All proceeds from this sale will go to the Feline Conservation Federation.

So tell me, have you ever heard of these cats?


7 responses to “K is for Kodkod – the smallest cat in South America”

  1. You’ve perfectly captured the tentative, testing-the-air attitude of a cat coming out of hiding. Nicely done!

  2. Your Kodkod painting is to die for! NGO had a segment on one of it’s programs about the cat. I fell in love with the kitty (er, I’m a cat person, lol)

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