J is for Jonquils

Happy Spring! That’s what Jonquils say to me. And unlike most other flowers in the Daffodil family, they smell good too. This painting is actually longer than what you can see in the photo. There are about 4 more Jonquils that you cannot see. It’s on a sheet of 6″ x 18″ paper, just right for a landscape, or a yard full of Jonquils.

This painting is for sale $75.00 takes it home. Contact me if you would like to see this painting on your wall.

What flower says “Happy Spring” to you?

3 responses to “J is for Jonquils”

  1. I simply couldn’t help myself and shared your entire blog on Google+. Thank you for sharing such a neat talent in the A – Z Challenge. I’m truly glad I found your blog:)

  2. I love jonquils, everything from their happy yellow to the awesome Frenchness to their name. The rainbow background you painted in behind them is beautiful, too.

  3. I just realized what a blessing it must be to paint. Rainy day out your window? No worries. Paint a sky with sun. Construction crews ripping up sidewalk outside? Paint yourself into a meadow. At the moment, rather than looking at the papers on my desk, I’m seeing Jonquils. Even the name sounds peaceful.

    Thanks for sharing your gift.

    J/Jell-O & Less Formidable Fears

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