Island Girl

73379-jessicaThanks to the wonders of the internet I am able to learn along side of other artists from any corner of the world. For practice painting portraits, we do “exchanges.” This was my third exchange, I happened to get as a partner a lovely young lady from the Bahamas. Yet another miracle in this technical world; you get to see her face on your computer monitor as painted by yours truly. I am awaiting her attempt at sketching my face.

3 responses to “Island Girl”

  1. Mimi, This is a beautiful painting. I was going to say second only to Obama and the girl in the red dress but then again, I don’t think that you create “seconds”. You have a gift for reading people.

  2. Oh, I think I’m in love! She’s gorgeous not only for her own beauty, but for what you gave us of your talent. What fun this is!

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