Iriomote Cat – Critically Endangered

For the letter “I” I would like to introduce you to one of the rarest cats in the world. They live on a tiny Japanese Island which has been overrun with tourism, and the Iriomote cat is one of the attractions. A fatal attraction, unfortunately. It seems that most of the cats that die are hit by cars.
In Japanese it is called 西表山猫 Iriomote-yamaneko.

The Iriomote cat is a dark colored feline about the same size as a domestic cat. They live in wet lowlands and they like to fish. The recent popularity of the cat gives me hope. Here is a video of one that was hunting near a roadway. Hopefully he learned to stay away from cars.

and YOU can help:

Please call the Ministry of the Environment or send them an email (Tel.:03-3581-3351 ) requesting them to buy this land so the Iriomote cat can continue to exist here. Tell them that measures should be taken to protect these cats, like lower speed limits and wildlife tunnels

The habitat of the Iriomote cat is in danger of being annihilated on Iriomote Island which only has around 284 square kilometers. The Iriomote cat has nowhere else to go and its population is only 100 individuals.

Please also send this message to land trust organizations or NPOs
(e.g. )!!
They could also help purchase the land.

This small 4″ x 6″ painting is for sale, $75.00 and all proceeds will go to small wildcat conservation.

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  1. What a sad fate for this precious cat if we don’t get involved. Thank you for sharing, Mimi, especially the video. It really hit home.

  2. Oh, what an adorable little thing. I, too, hope it learns to avoid cars.

    Love the painting. Perhaps I’ll get a raise this year (haven’t had one in almost four!)…


  3. You have a wonderful talent! I wish I could do water color but I always end up with mud instead! I love Acrylics though. Thanks for sharing

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