Imperious Enza

Continuing experimentation with the 300 pound hand made cards my sister gave me. The experiment today was how fine can I go?
Enza was just sitting there sweetly but when I looked up, she moved her paw into this pose, which I caught.. I thought she looked kind of cute, she thought she needed a treat.. And so it goes with cat models. Wonder who’s going to get this post card?!

5 responses to “Imperious Enza”

  1. If I had a cat, she would be Enza’s twin! The colors are wonderful; you did well!

  2. Dear Mimi, Enza reminds me of Ellie, who’s also a brindle. Ellie wrote a book review this week on my blog. Enza might enjoy reading it because it’s about “purr therapy.” And the placing of that paw in such a delicate way is for me therapeutic. It gladdens my heart. Peace.

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