I’m adopted!

It was worth a try; I always wanted to paint a bluecream kitten. In reality, these colors are meant to help disguise the animal, a type of protective camouflage. But as an artist, my mission is to take these colors and and make them pretty. To add to the fun, I used an odd kind of paper, so there was no certainty of the results. Siena was a very wild and frightened kitten. We worked with her extensively, her sensitivity and intelligence made her one of our favorites. The painting shows just how frightened and tentative she was; but we also know that she turned into a wonderful happy pet.

2 responses to “I’m adopted!”

  1. A wonderful painting.
    Soulful, sensitive and smart speaks from these eyes!

    Thank you for the link also.

  2. Hi there Mimi, you have certainly captured the sensitivity of this little one beautifully…look at those big eyes!
    Glad she fell into your tender care and that she has a good life.

    Blessed are those that take care of the smallest creatures.
    Love to you

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