I Dream of Haystack Rock

A long time ago, before Cannon Beach was mobbed 12 months out of the year by tourists, it was a perfect place for a boy to be. The beach was always inviting. There were rocks to climb, tide pools to play in, and sand to run in. No matter the weather, a boy could find something fun to do on the beach. Every day something new might turn up, a bottle with a letter in it, Japanese floats, or maybe just an amazing cloud formation. An energetic boy could run over the rocks like a mountain goat and get stronger and more agile.
I grew up within the confines of a city, so I cannot imagine how powerful and wonderful it would be to grow up with the ocean as your playground. My husband did just that.

This 11″ x 15″ handpainted watercolor painting is for sale $150

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  1. I am seeing a form and the cross inside the rock. Am I imagining or did you paint it that way. It is the most amazing painting and lovely story. Blessings, Janet PPF

  2. What a lovely rock and the story around it!

    I am having my cat painting framed and will give to my son. His cat Scuba looked just like that!

    Hope this finds you strong and well. My prayers are with you as you care for your husband.

  3. What beautiful colors! I’ve never been fond of ocean swimming but my mother loves it – and I love walking along the tidepools and seeing what there is to see! Happy (belated) PPF!

  4. Dear Mimi, in a comment you left on my blog you said that your husband is dying. Is he sharing with you in these last days/weeks/months his stories of growing up? I wonder if that’s something we do–talk about our past as we get ready to face an unknown future.

    The painting is evocative and your text really shares with us a time and a place and the joy of childhood.


  5. This is very beautiful, with such a peaceful and solid atmosphere. How wonderful to live in such a wild and natural beauty!

  6. Hey ! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, that made me discover your awesome paintings !!
    I used to paint watercolors but stopped 3 years ago, I was not good enough. But I guess I will paint again… one day. For the moment I have fun doing mixed-media !
    Nice to meet you on line 😉

  7. it sounds idyllic. isn’t it a shame that lovely places don’t get to stay lovely because we all want to go there – ironic, i guess. lovely watercolour which perfectly illustrates the narrative.

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