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Honesty Sprague Williams, 1745 -1750

Once in a while you get a commission that really seems impossible.  A friend asks for you to paint a portrait from an old b & w photo, combine it with another photo, and use the style from a Dutch 18th century master. To be honest, I was terrified.  I was going into completely unknown territory, but I knew it was worth it.  To me, this was a reasonable request from this friend. This photograph displayed for all the world to see her incredible presence, better than any other. So here she is with Rosebud, a very friendly cat.

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  1. Cat
    April 23rd, 2009 at 13:55 | #1

    I absolutely LOVE this painting, Mimi!!! It looks like someone I know, but also, your talent is broadening and deepening noticeably.

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