Healing plants of Hawaii

A lot of you know that my husband spent nearly 2 months in the hospital, with the resultant weight loss and weakness from the length of time he was there. He was home for almost a month with no appreciable weight gain when we left for a week of sun in Hawaii.
We stayed in Kona, which is a bit more rural and agricultural than a lot of the Hawaiian hot spots. And as a result, we had access to fresh produce; with 2 farmer’s markets within 3 miles of where we were staying. We ate papaya every single day; and avocado, strawberry bananas, lemons, macadamia nuts, mangoes, passion fruit and pineapple. We found papaya trees like these everywhere, and sometimes, beneath them, we found fruit just laying there, waiting to be eaten. We sat underneath a Macadamia nut tree and ate nuts that were laying beneath our feet. (they are tough to crack!)
I am happy to report that my husband gained more than 3 pounds in one week. He did NOT drink the high protein drinks his doctor suggested; he ate fruit, fruit, fruit; fresh every day. (and other good stuff too; like chocolate).

My nephew Paolo lives in Kona, and he is very attuned to the native (and non-native) plants in the area. He took us under his wing, answering our many questions about this plant and that. Our first day there, I discovered a ubiquitous tree full of big fat fruits. They reminded me of the breadfruit, so I was certain when I saw this one; that I had found yet another plant full of sustenance, free for the taking, as they were everywhere. This plant is called the Noni. It’s in the mulberry family and it was brought to Hawaii by the original Polynesian settlers for its healing properties. I picked up a fruit, and it smelled like rotten cheese! Hawaiians put this stuff on infections. You don’t eat it. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to try it.

These two paintings are out of my travel journal. Stay tuned next week for a new wildcat painting.


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  1. I smiled when I read your husband gained three pounds (for I was worried for a bit). I’ve visited Kona. It’s truly a slice of heaven. I hope your husband’s health continues to thrive and that the aloha spirit remains with you always.

    Thank you for stopping by and for your most generous comment. This is my first attempt at the A-Z challenge. I’ve several ideas for a theme, waiting to see which one bubbles up. Thank you for your support. I’m most appreciative. Aloha, Kittie

  2. Your husband’s fruit and nut diet sounds like about as good of a diet as one can have. Your description of life in the islands sounds like living in paradise.
    Your paintings are lovely.

    Welcome to the A to Z Challenge

    Tossing It Out

  3. Oh, goodness, Mimi, the paintings are soothing to the eye! The purples are magnificent. I’m so glad Donald gained some weight and that you both had such healing, relaxing, and gentle time of it.

  4. Painting is wonderful ~ and Kona is my all time favorite island ~ healing energy for you and your husbadn ~namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  5. I loved Hawaii. We’ve been there twice, each time, different islands.

    Glad to hear you 2 are enjoying the island in a totally different way. We found the papayas very cheap…well that was over a decade ago. But at Hilo Farmers’ Market a big papaya was only 25 cents each!

  6. Love your paintings from your travel journal!
    You’re so lucky that your nephew lives in Kona!
    Happy to hear your husband gained 3 pounds from the good stuff, too…fresh Hawaiian fruit and chocolate! 🙂
    I still paint about my travels to the Big Island. 🙂
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. How great to hear that you and your husband had such a wonderful trip. I hope this is the beginning of lots of good news and happy times for you both. Love the journal paintings.

  8. We are so spoilt here in my part of Australia because we have most of those fruits year round… I love papaya and am waiting waiting waiting for mine to start to fruit … it is from seeds from my grandfather’s tree so it is going to be wonderful… glad you had such a great time and lovely sketches, the top one is fantastic… happy ppf xx

  9. These look great! And how wonderful that your trip to Hawaii had such positive effects. Hope it will continue this way! Happy PPF!

  10. What beautiful paintings! And how wonderful that the healthy and healing foods of Kona would begin to restore your husband to health.

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