He sure can play that guitar

I was entranced by 1935 photo of a young man playing his guitar. I thought it would be fun to paint him. I tried it once and was very unhappy with how it came out. So I waited until after I attended a wonderful watercolor workshop by Ted Nuttall and tried again. This time, it came out the way I like. He’s playing a G chord. In my life music has always been a big element. This painting is an attempt to express those feelings.
This painting is still for sale and I have a print of it for sale as well.

The second of this series, I called the Red Hots, I wish I knew their real name. It’s from a 1938 photo taken by Russell Lee for the Farm Administration. Apparently, the photo was taken in the town where Tabasco hot sauce was made. This painting is sold, but I have prints and postcards available.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog Mimi… esp the Italian Travel… sounds very familiar and it had me laughing.
    I was going to ask you about your name and now i know…hehehe.
    Good one about Enza!
    The paintings are great.
    Keep posting.

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