Goodness – a walk in the park

I have been married for 34 years and it surprises me now just how much pleasure I get out of something so simple as a walk in the park. There is little that seems more romantic to me than this act. You walk away from your chores, your computer, television and you are freed to have some serene one-on-one time with your loved one. This scene is painted from a part of the Seattle Arboretum where the trees are ancient and shady. It can be dark and gloomy in the winter, or deliciously fresh in the summer.
One of my bigger joys this year has been the act of walking hand in hand with my husband.

What in your life brings that simple goodness?

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11 responses to “Goodness – a walk in the park”

  1. I love going for walks around my area with my mum, i find it refreshing, how long does it take for you to paint these lovely paintings?

  2. LOVE the landscape!

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  3. Lovely painting. For me it’s family time away from any domestic responsibilities: just letting the kids run around and enjoy themselves at the park or at a beach.

  4. Sadly the park near me is never that peaceful or calm. My biggest simple pleasure is probably working on our backyard/garden. We’re redoing the whole thing so it should soon be a great place to hang out.

    xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z

  5. I too enjoy walking through a green place and especially when coming to a sudden view of a river, ocean or even a colorful spot . . .

    Runs in the family, I guess. And how about that mountain??

  6. Lovely, lovely painting.

    Walking together is so romantic—now if only I can persuade my husband!

    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  7. Love this painting! It’s interesting that the couple is just inside the shade of the trees, like they’ve been walking in the sun, it was a bit too warm, so they moved into the shade but weren’t quite ready to leave the sunshine altogether. (Here I am, making up a whole story.) Love love love.

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