Giro in Bicicletta – Pulcinella

The immortal city of Napoli has her own clown, Pulcinella. Pulcinella represents the spirit of this amazing city, and his image can be seen everywhere both as offerings for tourists and as decorations by natives. The first gift I was given in Naples (the English word for Napoli) was a little Pulcinella figurine. Napoli is also famous for its figurines, their nativity scenes made of clay, plastic or plaster are sought around the world. But back to Pulcinella. Pulcinella represents the theater of absurdity. Here is my first attempt to capture Pulcinella on a bicyle.

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  1. For anyone who doesn’t know who Pulcinella is, check out the Wikipedia article (, but in brief, he is one of the stock characters from the classical Commedia dell’Arte, known for his prominent nose, white clothes, black mask, strange voice, and was used to display the contradictions of humanity. I love this painting.

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