Gigapixel Artzoom project or 5 more seconds of fame.

What happens when you get some super Microsoft nerds and 100 artists and you let them make a computerized map? The map, which they are calling the Gigapixel Art Zoom project, is now on line. You can zoom the camera in and out in every direction, and if you are careful, you can find artists doing what they do. Some are painting, some are dancing, one guy is making tea in his van. If you are on an HDTV screen it’s especially powerful, but works on any phone, too. Give it a try, it’s pretty fascinating! If you look close at the photo above, you can see me standing there with my easel in the sun painting. They told me that my painting would show in their picture, but alas, that level of detail did not happen. You can see the painting I did in this blog entry. Now I have to get back to my 30 paintings in 30 days project!


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  1. Oh, oh, How much fun!!!! Cool! I would be all over it if I were in SEattle! This is so cool! How did they know to pick a sunny day! It’s so fun to zoom and find all these artists doing their thing! 😀

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