George Floyd – say my name

george floydArtists are political. I, for one, cannot really paint someone I don’t want to paint. But sometimes, there is a face in the news and I can’t NOT paint him. When I first heard about George, I looked at his face, he looked tall and strong and brave. Then I read a biography, really, an obituary, and his friend quoted him as saying “I want to touch the world” when he was young and idealistic. How amazing and poignant it is, that he DID touch the world, but at such a terrible cost. Black lives matter, Black men matter. Black women matter. Black children matter. Yes, all of the other lives matter too, but the carnage in our country is totally skewed and black men are dying again and again, in numbers that are chilling. I love to use watercolor to paint faces, and that is what I did here.
This painting is already sold, but you can still buy prints and my profits will go to #blacklivesmatter.


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