First Georgetown – Seattle Farmer’s Market

After weeks and weeks of dreary grey, Saturday dawned with a brilliant light, and the air was sweet. I had already missed the Columbia City Farmer’s market 3 weeks in a row, because every Wednesday in May was rainy and I just didn’t feel like riding my bike down there to walk around in the rain. So I woke up with a plan. I was going to be one of the first people in Seattle to attend the first farmer’s market ever – in the Georgetown Neighborhood.
I got there a few minutes after 10 in the morning and the new location was full of booths and cars were clogging the streets. Since I was on my bike I didn’t have to deal with the parking lot, with attendants waving flags around at the crowds in an effort at maintaining order.
There were a lot of wonderful happenings there that day, and every single person out there was happily taking in the fresh bright sunlight and fresh air. One particular booth, from Full Circle Farms caught my eye. This lovely young vendor was surrounded by her delicate spring vegetables and I had to paint her.


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