First Art Show

People like my whimsy kitties! Yesterday at the Blowing Sands art gallery in Ballard, WA as part of a fundraiser for the Feral cat Spay/Neuter project, I donated 4 paintings including Aggie in Red and two of these whimsy kitties. Both whimsy kitties sold! There was a big art walk that evening in Ballard, but unfortunately, Blowing Sands is a bit off the beaten path. I do think their fundraiser was a success, but the larger and more important pieces did not get sold.

3 responses to “First Art Show”

  1. Wow, I am a friend of Vester and I live in Florida. He sent me the painting you did on Obama. I happen to be white and am now the black (no pun intended!) sheep of my family.
    I settle the argument about Obama’s race by telling people that he is half white and half black. Because of this, he stands for both races and is what our country needs to hopefully act as a bridge between the races.
    I was raised to not see color and I sincerely hope that he can show us a way for both races to put down the hurtful prejudices that have divided us for all these years.

    I’m sorry about the lecture…I’m very passionate about this subject.

    You are an incredibly talented artist and I am very jealous!!

    I look forward to seeing more of your work!!
    Bradenton, FL

  2. Why am I not surprised by this Mimi…. and all for a great cause.

    They I’m sure have both gone to appreciative homes.

    Did you get my award for you Blog?

  3. Yay! Sales are always good. Janet promises that there will be more sales throughout the month, so don’t feel that the most important pieces haven’t sold yet. There’s still plenty of time….

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