Elliott Bay View

This painting is on a full sheet of Indian Village handmade paper. The surface is a bit rough and sometimes unpredictable. I had never painted a painting of this size before 22″ x 34″ and thought it was high time to try it. I have actually had the paper sitting out, ready to be painted upon for a few months now, but it wasn’t until this week that I summoned up the courage to do it.
I chose this harbor scene, because I would have to do some washes, and they can be frustrating on a small piece of paper and I thought it would be luxurious to do on a full sheet. To my surprise, at first the paper was water-repellent! The paint beaded up and rolled into my lap. That was quickly overcome, and my problems became the normal ones, controlling my hand, the paint, and this unpredictable paper. Believe it or not, this painting is the study for a smaller one, which you will see here soon. Try to find the man in the painting.

I just finished the second attempt at this view, this time in a much smaller 12×16 format

5 responses to “Elliott Bay View”

  1. The harbor view is fascinating, especially in the white glow of the first. Great scenery.

  2. Un lavoro molto bello, mi piacciono gli edifici lontani… molto buona la prospettiva atmosferica.
    Da Toledo, saluti Mimi

  3. Despite the challenges you describe here Mimi, i feel you have succeeded in producing an interesting far away cityscape and waterway with tugs :)…and painting on a full sheet, how can you now go back to small? It does feel freer in painting those washes.
    Congratulations, and i will keep watch for the smaller study.
    I can’t see the man you mention.

  4. I am so glad that you finally did it… I have been hoping for a very long time for you to start painting big… Finally !!! YAY!!!!
    The painting is gorgeous!!! 😀

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