Donald’s Barn – Contest Entry for Grumbacher ATC swap

One of the really cool things that Donald did on his bike rides was taking pictures of stuff he thought I would like to paint. Or perhaps they were things he thought I should paint. Nevertheless, I have a huge collection of wonderful photos of barns and horses and ocean views all waiting to be painted.  He had a great eye for composition and drama, and I happily have used his reference photos many, many times.

This is a tiny painting (ATC size: 2.5″ x 3.5″) that is going to be entered into a swap. They are also offering a few prizes. I don’t expect to win a prize, but what I do get is another artist’s little painting.

So it’s not for sale.  I hope the lucky owner of mine lets me know they got it!

4 responses to “Donald’s Barn – Contest Entry for Grumbacher ATC swap”

  1. Dear Mimi, if this painting is an impression of the photograph your husband took,then he did have a fine
    eye for composition. It’s haunting in its rendering. Peace.

  2. Oh, Mimi, I LOVE this scene and the barn. I travel the same route from here to P’land several times a year and always wish I could take time to stop and record the progress of barns falling down as they are SO beautiful ( perhaps a metaphor for our own lives?).

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