Day 9 – Silvana at the beach

I went to Daniel Smith with my sister yesterday and to my great delight, I discovered that they were again selling handmade paper from India! It is sold under a new name,Khadi, but it seemed to be very similar to the old stuff, so I bought some of it. I was excited to try it out, so I did, with my face of the day; Silvana. Silvana is a beautiful cousin of mine. I did not do her justice, so I will try again. but I LOVE this paper!
Thanks to everyone leaving comments. I love getting comments and am trying to visit as many other participants’ blogs as I can.

10 responses to “Day 9 – Silvana at the beach”

  1. What a beautiful beautiful portrait! I so admire people who can handle water colors. And what a great idea to do portraits of your neighbors. I wonder what my neighbors would think….

  2. I remember you being disappointed about not being able to find the paper years ago! Glad you were able to get it again. Lovely portrait!

  3. I love your portraits! And handmade paper too. That’s fantastic! Keep up the great work. I look forward to following you. ๐Ÿ™‚ And thanks for your comment too!

  4. I am lucky enough to have seen this painting in person the other day. It’s a beautiful, beautiful portrait, and I think it is a good likeness to Silvana’s photos. Still, I can’t wait to see the next one. There is so much good stuff going on here, but what I really love is how this painting truly captures the look and feel of a day at the beach. Everything from scraggly wet hair, suntan marks from another swimsuit and the burning bright summer sun making her squint just a little. YAY Mimi!

  5. Beautiful painting! You say you did not do her justice, and I don’t know what she really looks like, but the painting is wonderful. Love the colors and thoughtfulness in the expression.

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