Day 8 – It’s not in the bag! (1st of the Naples series)

In 2006, my husband and I spent two weeks in one of the most colorful cities in the world… Naples..
We rented a furnished apartment and every day we did a commute which included taking the subway and walking through the most amazing crowds of people.

My husband spent his days attending an Italian immersion class, and I did research in the Archives, but the most fun we had was on the streets of Napoli. We were particularly in love with a street called “Spaccanapoli” which means it splits Naples in half. We took hundreds of photos, of people, of architecture, of dogs, food dishes. We were there for the entire experience. This couple was having a little argument about something that she was sure they bought and he was equally sure they had not.

This painting is on sale, it is bargain priced during this 30 day challenge at $45.00. Except for postage and sales tax, all of the price goes to help endangered species. please use the paypal button below to buy:

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3 responses to “Day 8 – It’s not in the bag! (1st of the Naples series)”

  1. Mimi, you haven’t just painted a painting, you have painted a story! I can see these two exactly as you describe them. She, especially, looks like quite the character. What a charming painting.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and answering my questions. I wrote back to you on my blog but wanted to come here and thank you in case you don’t return to the comment section from that post. In regard to your portraits, I want to tell you I scrolled further back in your blog and found some of them and they are TRULY wonderful and moving! You’re already doing it!!

    Be well, and happy painting. I’ll keep checking in on what you are doing…

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