Day 7 – Thomas Moore – poet

7thomasmooreWhen you are drawing a historical personage, you are at the mercy of the previous artist’s work. Thomas Moore died before there were photographs, so I picked the portrait that looked most lifelike as my reference, but I was never happy with it. Thomas Moore was a singer, songwriter, poet, and entertainer. He toured the USA and briefly met President Thomas Jefferson, who mistook him for a child. I guess Thomas Moore was rather short. His most famous poem/song is “Last Rose of Summer” Like Mary Shelley, he too suffered the loss of his children. He lost all of them. Thomas Moore is one of the two people who destroyed Lord Byron’s memoirs after his death. I really wish I knew why they thought they needed to do that!

The Last Rose of Summer – for your listening enjoyment, here is a great rendition of this song.


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