Day 25 – Sunrise over Lake Washington

This morning I looked out the window and Lake Washington looked like a pool of molten lava. The sky was kind of dingy, there was a cloud obscuring the pretty colors that were certainly showing somewhere. So I painted it on a lovely piece of Italian watercolor paper.
This painting measures 5″ x 7″ and it is an original hand painted watercolor. It is SOLD. If you would like to buy it, there is a Paypal button below. If you don’t do paypal, contact me for my mailing address. All money that goes towards a purchase of one of my paintings goes to endangered species conservation programs.
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3 responses to “Day 25 – Sunrise over Lake Washington”

  1. I love this painting! You can see this gorgeous lake from your window! Wow! Love the cloud that is covering the top of the mountain and you treated the foreground quite nicely and simply!

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