Day 22 – Black Cat in a box

As popular as the cat in a box theme is, I thought I’d try again. This time a svelte little black cat has climbed into the box. And she thinks no one can see her!

This painting measures 6″ X 6″ and it is an original hand painted watercolor. It is sold.

All money that goes towards a purchase of one of my paintings goes to endangered species conservation programs.
This is day 22 of the 30 day challenge. Remember, if you like this painting please leave a comment; artists love to know what you think about their work.

6 responses to “Day 22 – Black Cat in a box”

  1. I love this! I saw your dog in a box and went in search of the cats in the boxes. I like the white one too. This one really grabs my eye, though. I like all the square shapes in the background and these colors just work really well. Boxes and cats. So much fun!!!!

  2. Very nice work. I really like the idea of a painting daily. what a challenge! I too lost my husband 2 years ago, even tho I am an older person , I can relate . I miss him very much, as u also must.

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