Day 21 – Tino on Beacon Hill

In January, this is as close as you get to “plein aire” out of me. I painted this while looking out my front window. The sun is rising behind me so you can see reflections of the light. Tino is my red Honda fit, one of the last gifts that Donald gave me. Tino is short for Valentino, because it was a Valentine’s day present.

I live on the ridge of a hill in Seattle called Beacon Hill. The original settlers, the Native Americans named it something like “the greenish yellow hill” which might have alluded to the combination of evergreen trees and big leaf maples that covered the area once upon a time. I really like where I live, this painting shows you a bit of my little street.

This is day 21 of the 30 day challenge. Remember, if you like this painting please leave a comment; artists love to know what you think about their work.


4 responses to “Day 21 – Tino on Beacon Hill”

  1. This is so cute! I love Tino! We (my kids) totally name all the cars too. We have names for all the cars we have previously owned and currently own, and I am sure the tradition will continue!
    Hooray for the plein air. It is hard work and you’ve got a complicated subject! Love it! Hope you enjoyed your sunny day!

  2. Wonderful little streetscape! The little houses and little cars are terrific! You make it look effortless. Almost. I know you have tons of practice under your belt to get to this!

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