Day 15 – Il Fioraio – The Flower vendor


In 2006 Donald and I made two friends in Naples; Lucia and Alfonso. They are the parents of a good friend of ours, and they were conveniently just our age. When we needed a place to stay in Naples, they found a friend who rents an apartment. When our bags came up missing from the airport, it was Alfonso who went to the airport with us to try and solve the problem. They took it upon themselves to be our host and hostess, and they would have had us over for dinner every single night if we’d let them. Lucia, who is Pugliese, is an amazing cook. Every single thing we ate at her house was memorable and delicious. Donald hovered in her kitchen, sneaking peeks into her simmering pots, while the aromas fed our hunger. Alfonso and Lucia took us out to our first Napolitano pizzeria, where the pizza was amazing. We had a lot of fun with them, and they asked us to come back many times over the following years. I only made it back once. But we made friends forever. This picture is of the day we went to the flower vendor. He was selling flowers out of his Ape (pronounced AH-PAY) all dressed up in a peach colored suit. Alfonso bought each of us ladies flowers, and then a bunch of basil for dinner. I painted this today in memory of Alfonso who died at the beginning of this year, and of Donald who took such a wonderful reference photo for me.

This painting is not for sale.

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  1. Oh, isn’t it wonderful to be able to honor someone in this way, a way that no one else can, with your talent as an artist. It’s beautiful!

  2. Dear Mimi, so wonderful to return to blogging and discover that you are doing a series of paintings about Italy/Naples. I won’t be able to read all of them, but I’ll try to read a few so as to catch up with your thoughts. You have so many gifts and I so wish that your blog would find many followers. I trust that will happen as you blog more often. One of the tips given me by a very popular blogger was that the title makes a difference. People go to Google and they type in a word in which they’re interested and that word can bring up all sorts of sites/URLs. So if you pick several words you might use in your title and then go to Google to see what comes up, you may find a word that gets lots of hits. Peace.

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