Day 14 – Stazione Centrale – Napoli


Italy is known for its beautiful women. Naples is no exception. My husband took lots of pictures of pretty girls, here are a couple that were waiting along with us for a bus.
I will never forget that day; we planned to spend a weekend in Puglia with some friends. There was a bus that left the station every two hours that went to Foggia, the capital of Puglia, but we couldn’t find our bus stop. It was not there with all those orange buses, it was a private line.

I went to the ticket counter and asked for information, and the guy (with a strong Napolitano accent says to me) CHEEE ELLA PEEE.. We walked around for a while baffled, and went back to the same guy and told him “I don’t understand; please tell me again!” He finally wrote it down on a piece of paper. “CLP” Well that would have been totally obvious to someone who was a native born Italian! And then he pointed to the Tabaccaio across the street. “Go there” he said. We did, asked several people more questions, and eventually we found the stop before our bus came. It was just another exciting day in our Naples adventure.

$150.00 will bring these lovely girls into your home.


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