Day 13 – Amalie Emmy Noether – mother of algebra

Challenged by the wonderful series of upside down drawings done by Coreopsis, I decided to try it with Emmy Noether. I had the reference photo and my sketch pad upside down. It doesn’t look as closely like her as I would like, but it was an interesting exercise. Timid about drawing? You should try this…

Emmy was an amazing woman. A Jewish woman born in Germany at a time where women were denied many of the rights men had, she ended up teaching math without pay for seven years. She was invited to teach at a prestigious university after that, where some influential men in the philosophy department objected, so she taught under another man’s name. She escaped Nazi Germany in 1933. She died 2 years later from surgery on an ovarian cyst. She was 53 years old.
She revolutionized Algebra, and even has her own theorem. Who says girls can’t do math!

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