Day 12 – Megan coloring

While Megan colored, Tom showed me possible candidates for my next historical sketch.
Megan and I are sharing a coloring book, I color one page, then she colors the next. It’s been kind of fun. And a perfect opportunity to catch a face for my 12th day in this challenge.

4 responses to “Day 12 – Megan coloring”

  1. Great opportunity for sketching! I have literally hundreds of sketches of my son practicing piano from when he was little, because he needed me to sit in the room with him while he practiced.

  2. Dear Mimi, I scrolled down through all your drawings/watercolors for the last 12 days and found each thought-provoking. I especially liked the watercolor of your cousin Silvana. And I’m so glad you found some paper that works so well for you. Peace.

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