Day 11 – Lady Anne Blunt

11annebluntAs I continued to explore the family tree of Lord Byron, I found a familiar name. Of course, I had forgotten why it was familiar, but it didn’t take too much investigation to discover. Lady Anne Blunt was one of the British founders of the modern Arabian horse breed! Of course she imported these animals from the desert of Saudia Arabia, but she is one of the most important people in post-Bedouin times. She founded the Crabbet stud, which is still famous among Arabian horse enthusiasts today. A huge percentage of modern Arabian horses are descended from her stock. And Lady Blunt herself is of course, the granddaughter of Lord Byron!

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  1. You are amazing keeping up with this, I really like the fact you got 2 faces in here, the Lady AND the beautiful horse’s 🙂 I have been a bit behind with my comments & had to check out all your posts you had done as each is so unique & really like your writing/info background too!

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