Commissioned Wedding Portrait, 60 years later

Every now and then someone asks the impossible. Can you paint me a picture from this old black and white photo?
Most of the time, there is plenty of resolution in those old photos, so it isn’t too hard to do.
but this is what I had to work with:

I agonized over this one, the lady asking me to try is someone I really like, but I also didn’t want to paint something awful. So I tried it. Here you can see the result:

I do commissioned paintings, They start at $175.00.

6 responses to “Commissioned Wedding Portrait, 60 years later”

  1. I just need a month, at most two depending on what life has dealt me at any particular time. I love to paint portraits, so I make time even when things are tough.

  2. I would say you nailed that photo! Your painting is beautiful! They should be very happy.

    How long would you need to do a commissioned painting? I will keep that in mind–this is our 40th in December. Unbelievable. We stood still be chasing after our kids instead of babysitting for our grandkids (which is far better, by the way)!

  3. Hi Mimi – you’ve brightened them up and given them life – what a great portrait to have 60 years later .. just wonderful to see .. cheers Hilary

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