Clarence and Sophyra Hartness, 1941

It is my good fortune to possess the negatives that once belonged to my husband’s grandfather Tom Boothby. Tom and his wife Winnie drove all over the northwest in their free time,camping and cataloging their travels with their camera. Most of the pictures are of themselves, but they also took pictures of relatives. The people in this painting are snatched right out of one of their negatives, one of the many treasures I found there. I believe they are the great grandparents of a semi famous physician and musician, a friend of mine who lives in Georgia.

Sophyra is not used to people visiting, so she is shyly looking down as the photo was snapped. Clarence on the other hand, is not as shy, but mistrusts Tom as he is taking the picture. And the chickens continue to scratch and cluck because they’re hungry.

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3 responses to “Clarence and Sophyra Hartness, 1941”

  1. Yes, body language is very apparent. I have seen her stance many times before in others. I never notice the socially comfortable but am more interested in how the other half manages. Nice work.

  2. Dear Mimi, you do capture essence.

    The bobcat is sitting upright against a mirror in my bedroom. I still need to find a good frame and mat for it. I so enjoy it. Thank you.


  3. Mimi,

    I have so many fond memories of summer evenings on the porch at Great Grandpaw Clarence and MeeMaw Fera’s house, shelling field peas and taking turns cranking the ice cream churn. Grandpaw was a French harp player. He used to play It’s A Long Way To Tipperary and MeeMaw would sing.

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