Chippy and Pumpkin – commission

I recently painted this for a fellow blogger who goes by the handle “Intense Guy” – follow the link, and you can read his blog too.

This was an interesting assignment, as the cats were not together, so I had to use a little artistic license. I love to paint cats, so if you have a cat that needs a portrait, give me a shout.

3 responses to “Chippy and Pumpkin – commission”

  1. Dear Mimi, these two felines remind me of Maggie and Ellie. Like the marmalade cat in your painting, Ellie looks philosophical much of the time while Maggie, like the other cats, looks somewhat crazed with energy. Peace.

  2. This will be a special treat for my Mom at Christmas time.

    The white cat had to be put to sleep last year when she wasn’t home – and she still gets teary eyed about how “she wasn’t with him” on that dreadful day.

    Pumpkin has become very affectionate – now that the other cat is gone – so hopefully the pair of them will bring better memories to my mom.

    This painting is so precious.

  3. Lovely cats, Mimi; if I had one (besides Faux Pas, my stuffed cat) I’d sure have you paint it!!!

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