Chilly Hilly – foggy ferry ride

Once a year the Cascade bike club stages a ride. It’s called the Chilly Hilly. Over 30 miles of damp, cold hills. Officially the first ride of the season, people come out in droves for it. Bainbridge Island is a beautiful place, and the ride is lovely… In June, not February. But The Chilly Hilly ride is in February. I painted this cyclist as she muses about how hard this ride is going to be. She’s all ready; she’s trained for this, has a great new bike; but can she do it? Will she hold up to the weather and those hills? This rider did, and remembers facing that bleak dawn hoping that the temperature would go above 40 degrees fahrenheit. This is painted on a 7 x 12 inch piece of 300 pound arches. And an aside; the day I finished this painting, July 7th, would have been my grandmother’s 98th birthday. Happy Birthday Nonnie. This painting is for sale.

2 responses to “Chilly Hilly – foggy ferry ride”

  1. Hapy and healthful birthday Nonnie!!!! Big hugs to her!!!

    I love the painting!!!!

  2. Love the ponderings that accompany the picture… and a lovely painting it is.

    Happy Birthday Nonnie…wow 98…”thems are good innings!” Auguri!

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