Category: portrait

  • A street in Sersale – following the light

    My reference for this watercolor painting was a photo I took in 2001 before Adriana replaced her classic old door with a sturdy modern one. I tried to make the light draw you into the photo and look down the street. I have been practicing this technique with watercolors, and I particularly love this street…

  • Color and light – using the horse

    I love to draw horses and truly, I am enjoying painting them too. A horse can convey pride, majesty, happiness, solidity. I am using a reference photo taken by Mirelle Vegers for my horse. This painting is for sale.

  • Dashing Friesian Stallion

    I have been working on this horse for about two months and have painted several versions of him, both as small sketches in a notebook, and on large paper. The large paper that I am using is particularly interesting. It’s a Morilla 15″x20″ block of 25 sheets and it was sold before the mid 1960s…

  • The Black Stallion

    I have loved horses all of my life, and here is one I painted. Horses can show so much by their posture and gait, and this horse shows enthusiasm, courage and a great attitude. He is for sale for $300 at my etsy shop

  • She likes me!

    I painted this winsome couple of kitties and was delighted at the expression on Sparky, the tuxedo cat’s face. Sparky is a favorite at the Ernesto cat sanctuary, and he’s being affectionately rubbed by Sumy, one of the adolescent kittens. This painting is for sale for $70, free shipping in the USA.