Dashing Friesian Stallion

I have been working on this horse for about two months and have painted several versions of him, both as small sketches in a notebook, and on large paper. The large paper that I am using is particularly interesting. It’s a Morilla 15″x20″ block of 25 sheets and it was sold before the mid 1960s at the University of Washington bookstore for $2.00. (A block like this one sells for over $60.00 today and you only get 20 sheets) Because the paper is so old, it’s more finicky and brittle, which adds to my fun while I explore painting in such a large format. Watercolors beg for speed,because they just dry. A bigger sheet, slower dry time. But this horse, he needs to be spontaneous and bright.

He and all of his twin brothers are for sale, please contact the artist.
All of the proceeds of my work go to endangered species conservation programs. For more info, contact the artist.

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