Baudelia – portrait of my neighbor

People that are into cars are always seeing cars that they like, people who are into dogs are always running into fun dogs. Well, what I love are faces, and when I saw this woman for the first time, I knew I had to paint her. She speaks very little English, being a native of Mexico, so we never really talked, and each time I would get my courage up to ask if I could paint her, she was gone; having returned to Mexico for the year. This happened three years in a row. Finally this year it all came together. As I sat in her son’s kitchen, drawing her for the first time, I watched as she became more comfortable with me staring at her and sketching her face. Her daughter in law told me that they would have to make a lot of copies of the painting so that her many children could each have a copy. I gave her her portrait today and showing great pleasure, she said “Muy Bien!” “Gracias!”
Life is good.

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  1. What a wonderful gift you gave and have!! Beautiful work, wonderful face!! Thanks for sharing this sweet story!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I love your story and your painting is wonderful! She has a sense of peace and calm. LOve your work! Happy PPF!

  3. This is what I love about art- it brought you joy to paint it and her joy to see it and all of her family will have that joy. Every time they look at your painting they will feel that joy. I don’t know this woman but I feel joy looking at it. Thanks for such a great gift! Happy PPF!

  4. Hi Mimi .. what a lovely gesture – you have the record here, while she and her family have your artwork .. that must make them all so happy, especially Baudelia …

    Wonderful to see and to read – cheers Hilary

  5. Dear Mimi, . . . your neighbor appears to be a woman who stands tall and has enduring many storms and yet stands between the torrent and all those she loves, protecting them. Peace.

  6. yes!!! you just described her to a T.. I am looking forward to hearing all about your travel adventures.

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