Aggie’s boyfriend

Aggie is a former feral cat and even though she was neutered at an early age, she has her preferences. She likes this big black boy cat a lot better than any of the cats she lives with. He’s neutered too, I took him to the veterinarian myself. I took him and his twin brother hoping to get a two in one deal, but it was worst than I expected, one of them had an undescended testicle so it cost a lot more than I expected. Aggie clearly only likes one of them, the other stays closer to home, 3 houses down from our house. She’s gotten to the point that she doesn’t like to stay inside at night because the boys are outside playing. It’s either put up with her howling and galloping around the house all night, or let her out and sleep in peace They know we don’t approve of their relationship and what’s so funny you can see it in their faces.

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  1. These comments are hilarious, especially since my girlfriends name is Aggie and I am her boyfriend…


  2. Hi Mimi,

    Love your kitty painting – you’ve captured their strong personalities to a T and that slightly laid-back look around the ears!

    i found you bwo Donna Cunningham’s excellent blog and will be adding your link and perusing more of your artwork soon.

    Art On!

    Jude, the Kitty Cat Lover

  3. Donald, when women are in love they don’t care for anything else… Mimi did it right… Aggie seems to say: who cares for background?
    I love it! But I also love the way men always take us back to reality.

  4. As long as they’re both fixed, they can do whatever they like. You DO know that he comes up here to drink the water,right? NICE painting, nonetheless. When I looked at it first I didn’t like the lack of business in the background, but then the more I looked at it the more real it became since that is what it is like looking at them lying in the street like that. Maybe you could add a couple of weeds growing up thru the asphalt…..

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