Afternoon recess

I have lived next to Wing Luke Elementary school for over 30 years now. We cut through its fields, we make snowmen there when it snows. It is a part of our life. Twenty five years ago, I was awarded a grant for improvements and planted a variety of additional trees on the grounds. Today, all of the trees are mature and beautiful and they provide me with much material for paintings. Painting this scene today brings back memories of a poem Donald wrote six years ago.

Afternoon Recess – by Donald Boothby

The air is warm
Neighborhood sounds drift about the quiet house.
The bell rings.

Slowly at first, then increasing rapidly, the sounds of children fills the air.
Girls screaming in delight
Balls bouncing against the building
Swings squeaking in offset rhythms.
Boys yelling out their adventures.
The sounds run together into a sweet autumn melody.
School is back.
The children are back.

I lie here in the solace of my home, surrounded by a lifetime of memories.
As I listen, my mind drifts back to those days so long ago.
I smile and let the children’s song carry me into my dreams.

Again, the bell rings.

Slowly at first, then increasing rapidly, the sound of the children fades to silence.
An airplane flies overhead.
A bird sings.
A gentle breeze drifts through the house, and the wind chimes bring me back to now.

My heart is full.

9 September 2011
This painting, on fine Arches paper and painted with Daniel Smith watercolors measures 15″ X 22″ and is for sale. I’m asking $350.00 and all proceeds for this painting will go to Endangered species conservation and study.

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