A motherless child

Sometimes you see a photograph and you can’t get it out of your mind. I visit the Shorpy.com website often because he uncovers a wealth of 100 year old negatives, prints them out and then shares them with the rest of us. This young woman can be found on his website in a post titled “Incarcerated, 1919”. Looking at this proud young face, it’s hard for me to imagine what she did wrong. How many wrongs were committed against her before she became desperate and did what, steal bread? Sell her body? Fight back?

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28 responses to “A motherless child”

  1. Absolutely outstanding Mimi! She is looking us as if to say, “How dare you, how dare everyone!!” She is beautiful with so much meaning imbedded into her eyes and stance. Love it! Happy PPF!

  2. Oh Mimi your painting is stunning! Her beauty takes my breath away! You are sooooooo talented!!!!And the words brought a tear to my eyes, so true your thoughts are! Deb

  3. This is stunning. Such a proud looking woman and such a gorgeous portrait of her. I am intrigued to learn more about this website you got the photo from. thanks for sharing.

  4. Brings tears to my eyes ~ Well done ~ You are very talented.

    Happy PPF ~ Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey)

  5. Mimi, what a fine painting! You have captured all sorts of emotions. I see a sort of “I can’t believe this is happening” in her eyes. Beautifully painted.

  6. It is the look of a woman practicing forbearance – waiting – centuries, if needed – for all the wrongs committed against her and her people to be righted. And faith that they will. A strong, implacable look – you captured it excellently

  7. I LOVE this woman, your rendition of her. I cannot believe she did anything wrong at all. I want to put my arms out to her because of your impression of her on canvas. Thank you, Mimi!

  8. Very nice, Mimi. I really like the way you got the expression in her eyes so well.

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