A luminous portrait

When I was first contracted to do this portrait, I was afraid it was never going to happen. The girl’s mother kept giving me bad photos from her phone. She kept talking about how difficult it was to get a picture of this girl. Then it happened. I got them to come over to my house for a photo session.
She was demure and calm and incredibly easy to photograph. What makes a good portrait is a good reference photo. And here I had it. I am extremely pleased with the results. Yes, I can paint your family members too. Get in touch, we’ll talk.

3 responses to “A luminous portrait”

  1. Wow, you really made that watercolour shine. Good job on the skin pigmentation and highlights. It would have been tough.

  2. Dear Mimi, sorry to be away for so long–two weeks or longer. Life happened and the body needed rest.
    But this Saturday evening I now return to your blog and find a truly lovely portrait. You are so talented.
    I hope that your days are going well since your recent loss. I hope that you are being good to yourself. Peace.

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