A log cabin past its prime

Bicycling is one of our hobbies, we cover a lot of miles on country roads at a leisurely pace. Unlike traveling in a car, we are exposed to the elements, the smells and the sights that you might miss at high speed. On a bike it is easy to stop to pick some flowers, or feed grass to a friendly horse. Near Winthrop, Washington, we found this cabin in a field. It was important to take a photo of it, because we knew that it would eventually collapse. Many of the barns and buildings that my husband has captured with his camera are now gone. The reference for this one was one of his photos.

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  1. Hi Genoveffa it’s Ricardo from the astrodienst forum from years ago!

    I was browsing the old exercise threads from 2010 and I came across your posts.

    I see you are still a very good and prolific painter! I always liked this cabin painting of yours.

    I hope you are fine! Best wishes!

  2. This painting is simply fantastic! I supposse the fact that the cabin is in perfect focus while the background seems a little blurry gives a photograph like quality to the painting. I like it a lot. Great job Genoveffa!

  3. There’s something absolutely magical about this barn in particular – I think the dull version is that it’s the light, the interesting version is that it’s magic!

    I just keep coming back to look at this picture!

  4. What another wonderful painting! Your words have captured the essence of your painting and I can see through the senses that bicycling brings out the core of this experience. I love cycling too and can go for hours anywhere, discovering new places is always a treasure. Love from Ana Goncalves, swap bot, blog me baby.

  5. Your paintings are really good – I especially like this one. Your faces show a lot of life in them, it’s amazing – how do you do that?!

    I found your blog via the swap bot blog swap

    Carrie (kiwifruit83 on swapbot)

  6. So lovely! (not an official SB partner, but couldn’t resist visiting. I’m glad for a chance to see your work.

  7. I love your watercolors! And I love to read what you’ve written below. Now that I’m getting e-mails of your watercolors, I can’t believe how many you paint in a week!

  8. WOw what a beauty. Your painting is so realistic! This is a great painting in every way.

  9. Great landscape portrait of days gone by, Mimi! I am teased by all the old falling down barns, houses and sheds on my route from here to there as I travel to visit my family in the west. It would take about 3 hours longer than the 8 is usually takes if I were to stop at each one. Maybe next time????

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