Aunt on an Automobile

Here is my Aunt Tess sitting on her husband’s Buick. I actually have more pictures of that Buick than I do anything else from that time. Cars meant a lot to my family, they were status symbols even in the 1940’s. My Aunt looks a bit like a hussy here; but she was a beautiful woman. I can imagine my long deceased uncle making comments to her about being careful not to hurt his fancy Automobile.

This is my first entry to the A to Z challenge, happy April fool’s day! Is there a car in your memory that really stands out?


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  1. I have enjoyed reading about you and your travels. You critiqued my portrait on Wetcanvas and I I appreciate your words of wisdom. My name is Sandra Gagnon and I will keep on reading your stories of Italy along with other people who enjoy armchair travel. Thank you for your critique!Sandybells

  2. Lovely artwork. You are so right about cars being big status symbols in the 40’s. My mother was born in the early 40’s and my hubbie (24 years my senior) was born in 1944. My mother, my husband and my late grandmother loved telling me stories of their family’s first Buick. I’ve heard many times, “And you know what, Melissa? We were the first family on the block to own a Buick.” That was one of my grandmother’s favorite stories. I knew how proud she was of that Buick.

    I just stopped by from the challenge. I am a new follower on your Linsky follow list. I am delighted to be here.

  3. I will refrain from making any comments about Tess, but the car is great! All shiny and dazzling clean.

  4. Lovely painting! We had a van with no reverse gear, the side doors didn’t work (hence the windows had to left open) and the whole thing was awash with sea water and bits of mackeral. Hard to forget a vehicle like that!

  5. This is smashing! I said it when I first saw your work, and I’ll say it again–if I could paint like you, my camera wouldn’t see much use. As for a standout car, yup, but mine’s a truck. My dad had a 1950s-era Dodge with wooden sideboards, and a bed of tin and wood. The engine rumbled and the dash had dials large and silver, like little clocks. The whole thing smelled of oil. I’d ride in the back and pitch rocks in the creek when we crossed Ripson Bridge. Loved that truck…

  6. I love Smart cars too, but lately the latest Fiat cinquecento is intriguing and tempting!

  7. So lovely! I adore all the shades of lavender and baby blue you used. (Not that I’m any expert, haha.) I’d have to say my dream car is a lime green Smart. Because I judge cars by their exteriors. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. My first in-laws were from Birkenhead, Manchester (just across the Mersey from Liverpool). Very industrial, working class folk, salt of the earth and dirt under their fingernails back as far as mortal man can remember. Anyway, Theresa insisted on posing the entire family in front of the house, the patio furniture and, especially, the car. These photos were sent to family back home to show just how well Trixie and John were doing. The family photo album was a progression of the boys (my ex and his brother) growing up in front of a series of new cars…
    Thanks for sharing your family memories, Mimi…love your work.


  9. Absolutely lovely…both your aunt and the car! The first car I recall having was one that my dad bought new when he graduated from college and got his first teaching job…a chartreuse convertible with a black top. Oh, my, he LOVED that car!

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