A familiar face

milenaAfter doing several paintings of strangers, I decided it was time to paint someone I knew. It is always a shock to discover how much more difficult it is to render a face so that it looks like who it is supposed to look like. It was a good day’s work, I hope she likes it!

One response to “A familiar face”

  1. Well done…there is a quality of animation, of life in her face. You’ve definitely moved up a level, managing those subtle details that turn a technically accurate rendering into a true portrait of that person, recognizable and human.

    Maybe it’s the smile?

    Like it? If she doesn’t love it I’m pretty sure any one who loves her will…I mean, I don’t know her and I think it’s very special….

    Again, well done, Mimi…I feel quite blessed to have you in my circle of e-buddies and have a chance to follow your work.


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