A day in an artist’s life


So this morning, I got out my paints and was going to paint some flowers. I just got this amazing tube of yellow paint that plays REALLY well with other colors and my plan was to paint some little flowers that are pink and yellow, yellow and red, yellow and magenta, like I had done last night but hopefully better. And while I was wasting time on Facebook I noticed one of my Facebook friends was attending his daughter’s graduation from Naval Academy. And on the way there his wife took this amazing photo of him. I knew right then I had to paint it.
Never do I think, I am going to get into trouble for painting someone because I always ask before I post it, and I also wait until I know it’s going to be good enough to show before I do.
Now, since I have your attention, the reason this man is my Facebook friend is because he has run a program to teach inner city kids to be cyclists, it’s called “Free Wheels for Kids“. So he’s not just cool looking, he’s a cool guy too.
And so I made him smile, his wife smile, me smile and one hundred of our Facebook friends are smiling too. All this on the eve of my birthday!


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  1. Dear Mimi, it’s so good to be back to reading blogs and leaving a comment. And I especially like that I’m reading this posting about a fine man who helps others on the day after the death of Nelson Mandela who has healed and helped so many, many, many people throughout South Africa and the world. Such a evocative painting and as one of the commenters said, I can “hear the blues playing in the background.” Peace.

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