Month: August 2009

  • A face at the Othello Park International Festival

    Your roving painter found a great face to paint last weekend. Assisted by her energetic partner, Artist Seanna Jordan, Mimi was able to snap a few photos of this man while he wondered what the heck we were making such a fuss about.  He’ll never know!

  • The UPS Store

    Well, life continues to get more amazing. The general manager of a neighborhood UPS store asked if they could use my painting of President Barack Obama to demonstrate how large a print they could make.  So now, if you want to go to this store, at 3815 South Othello Street in Seattle, you can see…

  • 1950 Buick Roadmaster

    Twas a time when gas was so cheap, that luxury cars could weigh tons.  And to some people, my uncle Charlie Malle, in fact, a car was a thing of beauty.  He spent a lot of time waxing and shining his cars. This is his Buick Roadmaster.  Decorating the hood is my Aunt Tess.

  • Will Smith, poet, author, painter, family man

    Artists can be opportunists, and I am no exception. When this gentleman showed up in my office building, I knew I had to paint his face. What a relief it was to me when he was amenable to the idea. Look out, mad painters abound in every corner and you never know if you will…

  • Liberty Bell Mountain, North Cascades – Plein Aire

    This is a Plein Aire, which means I painted it right there on the spot. There are few vistas anywhere as breathtaking as this mountain. Lucky for me, I was able to stop and paint it this weekend. This is in the morning light; it is different in the afternoon. Named because someone thought it…