Month: September 2011

  • Flowers for Donald

    Why send a card when you can paint a painting? I have been doing some painting exercises all week and decided it was time to paint something pretty. I hope you like it; he does.

  • Red Barn in Thorpe

    One my favorite times of day to ride a bike is right at dawn. Everything takes on a reddish glow, there is hardly any traffic and the air is sweet. The road belongs to the cyclist and the day is filled with possibility. The reference photo for this painting was taken by my talented husband…

  • I remember you – a Child’s nature guide

    For the second year in a row, I have participated in the Brooklyn Art Museum’s sketchbook project. Last year, I simply used my sketchbook as a visual journal, adding a little autobiographical information and sketching what I saw; my cats, my family, places I visited, and then filled up the blank spaces with other things…