A tiny self portrait

mimitinyAfter painting a portrait of my dearest friend, I decided he needed one of me. I painted this from a picture someone named Mary Callahan took with their cellphone. I displayed it on my computer and sketched it out with a pencil, then I painted it with 3 brushes, a big one, a little one and a tiny one. The next problem was I wasn’t certain it looked like me. Like most people, I have no idea of what I actually look like. My sister assured me that it was a likeness. Success!

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Mustard Trees – miniature

croppedmustardtreesAfter another artist painted a picture with blue roofs and mustard colored trees, I decided I had to try.
I have been painting miniatures lately; they are a lot of fun. They are a challenge, just like big paintings, but with the added kick, you have to be a little more careful. The rules of physics change a little as you get smaller; things dry more quickly, a drip of water suddenly becomes a big issue and a tiny mistake is greatly magnified. This little painting is for sale. It measures 6 cm x 7 cm and I will let it go for $20.00. All proceeds go to endangered species conservation.

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Bonus tiny portrait

After a great day painting portraits, I had enough energy for one more. This is a portrait painted via Skype, of my dearest friend in the world. While he chatted with me, I painted this portrait on a tiny piece of watercolor paper. I am definitely back in the groove, and need more faces to paint. For those of you that are concerned; he doesn’t have a tattoo of my name on his hand.

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Tulip Fields – commission

Used to be, from time to time, Donald would send me a photo. You should paint this, he said. Or he’d just post it to my wall, knowing full well I’d have to try and paint it. It’s been almost three years since he could have done that, so I was kind of surprised when I gazed upon my facebook wall one morning, that his nephew Vic had done the same thing. Felt very comfortable to paint it for him. Thanks Vic, I needed a challenge like that.

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