Flower studies


2067poppydouble orange poppy

Sometimes I wonder why I keep painting flowers, and then I think of what Georgia O’Keeffe said:

“I hate flowers – I paint them because they’re cheaper than models and they don’t move.”
Georgia O’Keeffe

While I don’t exactly hate flowers, she had a point. It’s much easier to find flowers to paint than people, they are certainly easier to deal with, and you don’t have to pay them. All of that is true. They are excellent studies for the mechanics of painting watercolors. And a bonus, they are colorful. So I paint flowers. And this spring, they are absolutely everywhere. Enjoy.

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Spiderwort revisited

spiderwortaHiding in the shadows in the Tallahassee neighborhood I stay in can be found these tiny purple flowers. They are a triumph of geometry and color. And each one lasts only one day. Anyone cultivating them? This 5″ x 7″ painting is for sale, $50.00.

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Live Oak above all

liveoakaThere is literally nothing that has as much presence and majesty in northern Florida than the Live Oak trees. In the glittering sunshine they stand tall, with their upper leaves touching the clouds and their limbs an inky black. Surely in the days before air conditioning, sitting under one of these would save your life. I continued to do studies on a tree near where I was staying, this is the most recent. It’s a 5 x 7″ painting and is for sale. $50.00 buys this.

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A tiny self portrait

mimitinyAfter painting a portrait of my dearest friend, I decided he needed one of me. I painted this from a picture someone named Mary Callahan took with their cellphone. I displayed it on my computer and sketched it out with a pencil, then I painted it with 3 brushes, a big one, a little one and a tiny one. The next problem was I wasn’t certain it looked like me. Like most people, I have no idea of what I actually look like. My sister assured me that it was a likeness. Success!

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Mustard Trees – miniature

croppedmustardtreesAfter another artist painted a picture with blue roofs and mustard colored trees, I decided I had to try.
I have been painting miniatures lately; they are a lot of fun. They are a challenge, just like big paintings, but with the added kick, you have to be a little more careful. The rules of physics change a little as you get smaller; things dry more quickly, a drip of water suddenly becomes a big issue and a tiny mistake is greatly magnified. This little painting is for sale. It measures 6 cm x 7 cm and I will let it go for $20.00. All proceeds go to endangered species conservation.

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