The woman cave

arleneshousefSo, I’m not easily impressed. But when my friend posted a photo of this wonderful little cabin of hers in the woods, I just had to paint it. Surrounded by woods and flowers, this cabin glows like a jewel in the broken sunshine.
I hope I did it justice!

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The Graduation of Doctor Boothby

thegraduationIt was a lot of fun to attend the graduation ceremony at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada. A very close family member graduated with a PhD in Mathematics, the first PhD in my family. So many deceased relatives had to have been there, thrilled and cheering to see this happening.
Since it was in Canada, there were people wearing kilts playing bagpipe music and we all sang “O Canada”. The regalia donned by the graduates was interesting, the PhD students got to wear fancy de Medici hats, fresh out of medieval times.

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Stormy sky

ditchmilanWhen one of my buddies posted a picture of a canal near Milan during a stormy day, I knew I had to paint it. The interplay of light and dark really caught my eye. And here it is. Enjoy

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Fly an owl postcard

us4029573Just for fun, I painted a great horned owl on a postcard. I think the recipient will be pleased.
I love to put colors all over a page and have it come out looking like a bird… in flight.

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