Seattle welcome from the ferry

Last week, my sister gave me a whole bag of 600 pound Indian Village postcard sized papers. It is wrinkly and irregular, and really fun to paint on. I am getting a kick out of painting on it, even though it does not lend itself well to detail. This measures 4 x 6″ and I haven’t decided what I am going to do with it yet.

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Tiger’s eye


Yesterday was Global Tiger Day, and I decided to do a watercolor  painting of a tiger and then  quickly sold it. But I discovered that I am really enjoying painting tigers! This morning, I found myself wondering how little of a tiger I could paint and still find myself looking at a tiger. Then I started noticing the wonderful colors, patterns and textures to be found on a tiger’s face. And the tiger’s eye, which looks deep into your soul… and sees dinner.

This painting is for sale, $60 buys it. It measures 5″ x 7″, on imported Italian watercolor paper. All proceeds go to ISEC Canada International Society for Endangered Cats.

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In Georgia O’Keeffe’s shadow – Pedernal

I had the opportunity to sit and paint surrounded by the landscape that Georgia O’Keeffe loved, at her Ghost Ranch. We sat under a big tree in Adirondack chairs and the mesas lay in front of me, clothed in brilliant light and shadows. The clouds all by themselves were an incredible show. This mesa is called Pedernal.
This painting is not for sale.

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In the garden

Painted a little garden scene this morning, inspired by all the colors in my garden and all of the amazing flowers you can see all over Seattle. This is a little postcard that someone is going to get in the mail. Decisions, decisions. This painting is not for sale.

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