More crows… a murder of them?

Today I have a quartet of tiny paintings (1.5″ x 2.5″) for sale. Each portrays a crow with a treasure. Each painting is done on nice watercolor paper with fine Daniel Smith paints done by me. Each is for sale for $25.00, and postage is free. All proceeds go to wild animal conservation efforts.

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Pair of pups

pairopupsAs part of my exercise in painting things I don’t usually paint, I saw these puppies up for adoption from a Quincy, Washington animal shelter (last I heard one was already adopted) and I considered what a composition of both of them together would look like. I’m not used to painting puppies, particularly black ones, but I gave it a try. This painting is for sale $125.00 takes them home, all benefits go to wild life conservation.

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My Tonsu

tonsuThis winter has been a long dry period for me. I haven’t been inspired to paint. Hoping that a class might help, I started a class with Tom Hoffmann, a local artist and instructor. This week he told us that we didn’t have to waste time looking for stuff to paint, just sit down and paint what you see. Based on that and his reminder to paint lights, darks and midtones, I sat down and painted my tonsu.

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