Autumn Leaves – 2

Although this was painted in landscape view, I discovered it also looked nice cropped to portrait. Vivid colors and contrast, but I still did not get the effect I wanted on the leaves. The colors here continue to change, inspiring me along the way.

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African Painted Dogs – Endangered

While it is true that I am a crazy cat lady, there are some breeds of dogs that I think are incredible. The African Painted Dog is one of them. They are one of the most endangered dog species, and also one of the most beautiful. They have a complicated social structure and thrive in very inhospitable environments… If we humans could just let them live. They will care for weak and injured pack members, and hunt cooperatively. They only have 4 toes on their front feet, unlike all other dog species.
I love their coats, they seem like giant calicoes.

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Imperious Enza

Continuing experimentation with the 300 pound hand made cards my sister gave me. The experiment today was how fine can I go?
Enza was just sitting there sweetly but when I looked up, she moved her paw into this pose, which I caught.. I thought she looked kind of cute, she thought she needed a treat.. And so it goes with cat models. Wonder who’s going to get this post card?!

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